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Regular Reno Office Cleaning Leads to Happy Employees

Office cleaning is a great way to boost company morale and help your employees feel valued and respected.

According to this Forbes Magazine article, a clean workspace has been proven to increase productivity.  Everyone knows from whether it be in their personal or business lives, that a messy area seems to never get clean, and vice-versa that a clean area seems to never get messy!  It may be that people tend to care for their workspaces better when they are well-groomed and office cleaners can add those finishing touches.

Cleanliness in the workplace also leads to more productivity by assisting in managing germs creating a healthier workplace and reducing overall sick days.

Dedicated office space versus Shared office space

Each individual employee can come in contact with germs throughout their day, at their home, from their children, public or shared transportation, restaurants and restrooms along the way.  They get to work and can pass those germs throughout the workplace and the spread is dependent on their routine.  When placed into a shared and more intimate workspace, those germs can take on an additional carrier with their own routine, which is usually different than their co-worker.  This can lead to a multiplied spread of germs.

The “smell” of clean!

Office cleaning helps to keep the workspace smelling fresh, and smells are strongly linked to mood. Las Vegas is notorious for understanding the effect of atmosphere and it’s aromatic influence on it’s patrons.  Doesn’t it make sense that when your employees are in a pleasant, clean and clean smelling environment that they feel better, take more pride in their work environment, and are more productive?

A picture is worth a thousand words

Office cleanliness and overall environment are the initial impression of your business.  That initial impression is important for both visiting clients or potential clients and employees and potential employees. Your offices are the face of your company and can influence all that enter.  Just like the saying “Dress for Success” regarding employee attire, we all know that an employee in a suit conveys professionalism and alludes to success and expertise, an office environment can impress with clean windows and a dustless environment.

Quality office cleanliness is the job of a professional commercial cleaning company like System4, and the respect of that environment and pride will be the habit of your employees.

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