Commercial Cleaning for Covid-19 Coronavirus

This year, with the outbreak of COVID-19 top of mind for the whole U.S. population, it’s more crucial than ever before to take the annual custom of spring cleaning the workplace as seriously as possible.  We can help your Reno area business prepare to open with a deep-clean & scheduled COVID-19 commercial cleaning to keep your employees safe.

The Importance of a Clean Workplace in the Time of COVID-19

Creating & keeping a clean workplace is important to health and wellness as well as the safety of your staff. A tidy, clutter-free space helps reduce injuries, boosts morale and productivity, and ensures workers are motivated to perform their responsibilities more effectively. Additionally, sanitary offices, public areas, and bathrooms keep workers healthy, decreasing making use of sick days and the loss of productivity that goes along with them.

The current coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has actually had a major effect on individuals and businesses worldwide because it was first identified in Wuhan, China at the end of December. As you begin considering your springtime cleaning list this year, there are a few added preventative measures to take that can help keep workers risk-free and healthy– and commercial cleaning can aid in halting the spread of COVID-19.

These include:

Clean initially, then disinfect. Cleaning up removes dirt as well as bacteria from surfaces while sanitizing using chemicals to eliminate germs. Prior to applying those chemicals designed to disinfect, first wipe down surfaces using soap or detergent.
Effectively sanitize surface areas. Once surface areas are extensively cleaned, decontaminate utilizing a watered down bleach solution, alcohol option with at least 70% alcohol, or an EPA-registered anti-bacterial.  Take extra care around regularly touched items. Wipe & disinfect surface areas like work desks, copiers, printers, common areas like kitchen counters.  Make certain to disinfect items that employees typically touch throughout the day like doorknobs, lights, refrigerator doors, microwave doors, phones, & chairs.

A commercial cleaning “deep-clean” will simplify your workplace while cleaning for COVID-19

A work area cluttered with boxes, bags, devices, heaps of paper, and so on can quickly increase the danger of tripping or falling among employees or clients. It’s specifically crucial to get rid of clutter from high traffic locations and also staircases. As one of the most preferred spring cleaning jobs is to get organized, do an extensive cleanup of any products cluttering work areas, obstructing exits, or posing risks.  Clearing the mess during the COVID-19 epidemic is essential.  Strive to create a workplace that is simplified.  Create a space where worker’s are unobstructed which eliminates additional touchpoints which eliminates potential spread of the virus.

Produce a cleaning schedule with a System4 commercial cleaning consultant

Once your office is all cleaned, cleared and disinfected, System4 will help you devise the best, scheduled ongoing service designed to keep your office clutter-free, and cleaned, protecting your employees & clients from transmittable viruses throughout the years.

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